Out for our once a day, stay 2 metres away from people, trip to the park

Grateful to get lots of sun coming in the windows. Excuse our coffee table made out of boxes and chopping boards! Simeon is in the process of making us a new one

Alternative ways to exercise inside! Perks of my job at the moment getting a VR headset


Recently Simeon has taken to crafting things out of leather


We've just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. We wanted to say thank you again everyone for making it such a lovely day, especially Dad, Mum, Lizzy, Uncle Graham and Auntie Yvonne for being so generous with the barns, Auntie Sylvia for the flowers and Greggy for giving us a cheesegrater. We would be lost without a sufficient way to break up the cathedral city cheese in order to make a toastie!