What have you got?

April 17, 2016

My story starts a few weeks ago. A cousin of mine had come to crash on my couch for the night. We were catching up and he asked ‘What have you got?’.


Quick Timeout: ‘What have you got’ means ‘what has God been talking to you about?’.


My reply to him was – nothing. It had been a crappy week, I was tired and felt like God hadn’t said anything. I’d started reading a book, but it was making no sense. I’m really quite a pictures kind of person and struggle with the whole words... thing. Especially when they are those of a Victorian, trying to explain complex things about the character of God. Yes, it’s cool and hipster to read old books – but sometimes its freaking hard work.


He said, ‘intent before content’.


As I mentioned earlier – I struggle with words – so that was too much already. He went on to explain. If you approach something not intending to understand it, then you will not understand it. You will not get any content from it.


And thankfully the opposite is true too.


A couple of days later I was on a 3-hour train journey – so thought it was time to put ‘intent before content’ to the test and crack out said Victorian sermon. What I learnt blew my mind! It really makes life so much more interesting when your actively on the lookout for what God is trying to say to you in everything.


The train was so crowded and I was stood inbetween carriages for like an 1.5 hours :P. I did have to go over each line a couple times at first - but I think that was pos


Intent before content


It was therefore a rather happy moment a few weeks later when I could message my cousin saying I got something! Check out part 2 and 3 to see what I learned.



what have you got?





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