Sound of Music Live!

Christmas 2015

Excited to have been part of the team creating VFX set extentions for a theatre production broadcast live on ITV. Such an ambitious project, I take my hat off to the whole team for pulling it off so well! 

Christmas 2015


A really enjoyable job, working with production designer John Beard, to 3D visualise the Cinderella and Night at the Museum sets before construction.

Sky Movies Christmas

Christmas 2015


Set visuallisation of the most luxurious spa/present wrapping factory you ever did see

Boots Christmas
Lexus Hoverboard

August 2015


It was an honour to have such a big hand in this project from start to finish, from concepting the hoverboard and prevising, to generating a 3D printable hoverboard and modeling a constructable skatepark. We pushed the technology to the max. Collaborating with German scientists, a Spanish construction team, American director and Japanese client to produce a groundbreaking film and product.

Johnnie Walker

September 2015


This quick turnaround project to visualise the bar area for the really fun 'Joy Will Take You Further' campaign. Fantastic to see how similar the end product is to the CG visualisation!

BT Sport

July 2015


Check out the projects progression in the images above, from modeling the 3D house, lighting it, then adding the finishing touches in photoshop.


February 2015


It was an absolute pleasure to work in a small team, with crew from Passion NYC and Painting Practice, to previs this short. My part included previs (designing the shots, layouts and cameras). I also painted the colour scripts which you can see above beside the previs frames.

Forever Yakult

November 2014


In this pioneering mixed media animation, my job was to model and layout the 3D components, into which the 2D and stop motion animation would be integrated. Crazy or what?!?


June 2014


An animated short film directed by yours truly. Big thanks to my marvellous team!

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Say Cheese

March 2013


Fantastic little snapshot into the explosive relationship between brothers.

Designed and animated by Laura Quinn.

Rigs created by the 11 second club

More sketches and paintings from personal projects


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