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Hiya, I’m Laura!

A big brush stroke thinking animation director. Fond of mixed media and bold colours. Versatile in style, but invariably sharing good stories, with a hopeful message. My goal is to tell short snappy stories, which are engaging for all the family. Endeavouring to create a good experience for both the audience and the crew.


I grew up on a farm in Cornwall, making home videos and building bale forts. After studying animation at SCAD, I worked in NYC and London, visualizing animation and live action. SEE MY RESUME. Working closely with directors on films, commercials and games has been invaluable as I now direct films myself. My recent journey into motherhood has been bumpy, but beautiful, a contrast I’m keen to explore more in my storytelling. An example of this is my latest film Lost Marble. 

Fancy creating something together? Please get in touch,

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